Its Been Some Time

December 22, 2014

I haven’t taken the time to update my website in a couple of months. Got married this year and that was taking up all the free time i had to work on other projects. But now hopefully i can get caught up on my side projects in the next couple of months and have some new travel videos out there. But in the mean time here are 3 video projects i was able to make at work the last couple of months.

Here is a speech my director did back in June. Me and my team Filmed, Edited, and Captioned the whole video.

Here the 2nd video of our video series that we update on the department. We are working on making these better and better.

Here is a video that was made with help of some people from USC and Google. Our role in this video was to make it accessible.

Another travel video is in the bag thanks to my mom and sister visiting me while I was in Singapore for my birthday in 2012. Hope you guys enjoy.

Time just keep on moving… My little sister graduated high school and I was able to capture the moment when she walked for her diploma.


April 18, 2014

My brother is moving to GA and I thought we could make a little road trip out of the move

Matt and I RoadTrip on Roadtrippers

Lost my iPad before we even made there and then 5 days and ended up with just one night of footage. But it was a good time had by all and I’m glad that we were to party for Drew’s 30th.


April 1, 2014

Since its the start of the baseball season for 2014. I thought I would edit my trip to AT&T park from the end of the last season. I’m slowly working through my videos that I have shot over the last two years. But I am on a mission to get them done.


March 25, 2014

This was the first project that i did the filming , the editing, and all the captions while working at DOR. It was a start of something that i know i can get to look better and better every time that i make it. But I am happy with the way that this turned out.

Monterey Bay Aquarium 2006

February 27, 2014

Me and my buddy Dom went on this is crazy 48 hour trip up to Santa Cruz and filmed at the aquarium on our travels. I was there a couple of weekends ago and made me think of this project and how I never have shared it.

I am about 10 projects behind of stuff that I have filmed with my GoPro. I am always filming new stuff as well . So the pledge that I made to myself this year is i need to get through all my movies that I want to show. So here is the first past project that I was able to get done. The family went to the shooting range for the day.

I haven’t updated my website in a couple of months. Its a project that I would like to keep up with as 2014 moves along. This was the first video I made for DOR i filmed,edited, and did the captions. There will be more videos that I do for the department all year long.