A Second A Day 2015

January 31, 2016

So for two years now I have been able to film one second every day. I thought I was just going to do it for one year. Now I am setting a goal of being able to make a movie of every second for five years. Two years down and three to go now. I Wonder if I hit five years and then it becomes ten.

Mexico Diving

January 31, 2016

Every time I go scuba diving i fall more in love with it. Diving in a cave has to be one of the coolest things you can do. Mexico is famous for being able to do this. It was like diving in a world when dinosaurs roamed the earth.


November 26, 2015

Went to Disneyland for our one year anniversary it was a blast. Google photo has a great feature where it makes an edit of the videos you back up and I thought i was to cool not to share.


November 26, 2015

I got a new toy and its pretty awesome.

The wife and I had to make a trip to the coast to take care of the rest of our wedding photos. So I wanted to drive back to sacramento on Hwy 1. Just so we could get some awesome video.


September 20, 2015

Finally finished the road trip video with my brother. Also finally got my blog caught up with the videos that I have made this year. So now its all about keeping this up. I had a blast doing this trip and I can’t wait to do it again some day and see more of the country.


September 20, 2015

I Love it when my friends from LA and float down the river up in sacramento. We did a float in 2014 and for the 2015 float I wanted to make it a trailer. So I hope this is something that we can keep doing every year.


September 19, 2015

I am on quest the rest of this year to get my video editing back on track. So one of the weekend trips i made to LA this year I wanted to see what it was like to film a video and edit a video all on my Iphone. I learned I don’t mind filming on my iphone but editing on it ended up being a pain in the ass. So I will keep editing on my laptop. Here is what turned out. I tried doing this in the style of a one second a day video just made over a weekend.

Second A Day 2014

August 24, 2015

A couple of years ago i saw a TED talk about filming one second every day for the rest of the speakers life. Since 2014 was the year that i would get married. I figured this was a good time to start the process. I really enjoyed how it turned out and it will be great to look back on it in the future. Also haven’t missed filming a day in 2015 so can’t wait to see how that turns out.

Our Wedding Video

August 23, 2015

2015 has been a busy year with traveling and having a new job. I realized the last two years i haven’t kept up with this website as much as i wanted too. I am going to try and start of slow and get caught up on all the projects that i would like to get caught up on. So here my Wedding video that i posted earlier this year.